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A small child's thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. He was interested in everything - why the sun yellow, why snow is white, why rain is wet, why blood from a person does not follow, where are the kids and stuff, stuff, stuff. And not every parent have the patience to answer those endless why, in time to snatch from the hands of a glass vase and clean little fingers from the wall outlet. But the child grows, hear the bans by parents, and his curiosity is slowly but surely fading. And he does not know to adulthood, then to want to become someone on whom to learn, and whether it is worth learning. And what he wants from life. And the older the worse. After university draws on a roundabout - home, work, home. And cognitive interest fades away completely. But it can not be so boring. Why live years in the daily routine of gray when it is possible to make bright and interesting. Let's change the usual principles, and we will begin to do a reading. Just every day devote 30 minutes to reading the book. A little bit, but every day. Within a month you will not recognize yourself. You will feel a thirst for life. You awaken interest in it. You will want to move, aspire to anything. Life is too short to sit in her four walls.

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